Brainwaves and Brainwave Entrainment

use brain wave and brainwave entrainment to cure you insomniaYou all must have heard about ‘brain waves and brainwave entrainment', most people perceive it as some form of electrical activity of the brain. Scientists opine that it is very essential to know the functions of your brain and understand its capability to manage your day-to-day activities. On understanding how your brain goes in and out of definite brainwave states, you can very easily decide when to be productive, when to let your creative juices flow or when your body should rest.

Brain waves – How it communicates

Our brain consists of about 100 billion neurons (more than the number of starts in the Milky Way); and each neuron is again connected to about 10,000 other neurons. All these makes for about 100 to 500 trillion neuron-to-neuron connections in the brain. And do you know, how the brain cells communicate? They communicate via electrical signals. Scientific studies are on to develop a technology that can observe what’s happening at the neuron level; as of now, technology that can only see patterns of brain activity is available.

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You can realize certain pulse or beats in your brain (just as heart beat), if you take the overall brain activity into consideration. However, these brain pulse rate are quicker than heart beats – starting from 3 times per second to 100 times per second. This can be compared to flicker like movement and is known as ‘brain waves’.

However, the frequency or speed of the brainwaves varies as per the various activities the brain is indulged in. In short, different brainwave frequencies have been shown to correspond to different condition of mind and also the match up to a gamut of subjective experience. Just as, when in deep sleep the brain pulse rate is 3 times per second; while when engaged in serious thinking, the pulse rate might got up to even 50 times a second. Therefore, it is very relaxing when the brainwaves are slow and fast brainwaves may show signs of stress and induced concentration.

Brainwave frequency

brainwave frequencyBrainwave frequency that exists along a wide range can be classified into five groups based on their speed from slow to fast - delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.

While Delta brainwaves have a pulse rate frequency of 4 pulses or less per second; it indicates that the brain is breathing slowly and heavily. It is during the deep sleep stage that the brain experience delta brainwaves.

On the other hand, Theta brainwaves which demonstrate a pulse rate frequency of 4 to 7 times per second is related to dreaming and REM-stage sleep – and may occur several times during the day. Theta brainwaves are hugely responsible for creating a state of creative flow in the brain, where ideas seem to come effortlessly. The feeling of moving into a trance just like in meditation, hypnosis and sometimes even experiencing a kind of ‘auto-mode’ while doing any activity is due to the brain moving into the Theta state.

Then, there are the Alpha brainwaves with frequency at the rate of 7 to 13 pulses per second. This state corresponds to a condition of profound relaxation while awake, mostly when you lie down with your eyes closed.  

The frequency of brainwaves in a normal state of mind is 13 to 40 pulses per second’ and that state is called Beta. It is necessary to perform certain mental activities to boost energy levels and ensure that there is sufficient beta activity in the brain; absence of which can lead to insomnia and depression.

Another very rare state of heightened brain activity is Gamma brainwaves, with frequency of over 40 pulses per second. This happens during very high level of concentration or during fear. Stress-free gamma brainwave is uncalled for and can hardly be experienced.
Other than the beta brainwaves state (which is the normal frequency state), all the other states of mind is called altered state of consciousness. You can change your brainwave frequency from ‘normal’ beta into ‘low frequency’ alpha and theta with the help of meditation. This process of altered state of consciousness is beneficial in treating insomnia.

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Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as brainwave synchronization is the science of bringing two different entities in sync with each other. It refers to the electrical response sent out by the brain to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of light or sound.

Scientific researches have proved that two different things when kept together for a while tend to get entrained to each other and start performing in entrainment or in sync. This might sometimes seem to be very unusual and mocked up; however, it is a fact that our body works in tandem to the frequency sent out by the brain leading to entrainment.  

One of the most popular forms of brainwave entrainment is binaural beats. Binaural beats work by creating 2 dissimilar audio tones, and let the brain create its own entrained brain waves such as alpha - that will facilitate calmness and good sleep. You can easily avail Brainwave entrainment programs (available in CDs) that are very useful in transcending the human mind from beta to alpha entrainment and then gradually down to theta and finally delta.

Brainwaves & Sleep

• Studies have indicated one of the causes of mild insomnia to cell phone usage prior to bedtime. It is essential that brainwaves frequency is moved into the delta stage during bedtime; which otherwise increase by the use of cell phone  -as the brain moves into heightened alpha activity.

• Exercises of the brain done during daytime are known to increase delta brainwave frequency during slow-wave sleep at night.

• Delta brainwaves are instrumental in increasing the production of the sleep enhancing hormones DHEA and melatonin. Therefore, on enhancement of DHEA, which is a precursor to testosterone – body’s most potent energizer hormone; is one of the most viable reasons leading to a feeling of refreshment and regained vitality attained after a deep good quality sleep.

• Brainwaves are hugely responsible for ensuring good sleep and keep you active the following day. The brain requires a consistent rejuvenating period of delta and theta at night, so as to retain high levels of focus and concentration (beta & gamma brainwaves) during the day.

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 use brainwaves and brainwave entrainment to end your insomnia